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Case Study Overview: CyberPulse Cyber Security Assessment

Client Background

In February 2023, a leading Sydney-based digital marketing agency engaged CyberPulse for a comprehensive security assessment of their IT and cloud infrastructure. The agency, with cybersecurity as a key focus, needed to comply with Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) legislation and address the growing cyber threat landscape.


The stakeholders mandated a security assessment to:

Security Maturity: Establish a baseline of the current security posture, desired state, and steps to achieve it.

Security Architecture: Evaluate the current and future state of IT architecture through a security lens.

Security Framework and Compliance: Achieve desired compliance as per PCI-DSS guidelines.

Security in the Cloud: Ensure security for public cloud adoption and SaaS services.


To address these critical areas, CyberPulse implemented the following solutions:

Security Maturity Assessment:

  • Focus Areas: Device and Network Security, Data Security, Identity and Access Management, Email Security, Cloud Security, Human Firewall, and Event Management.
  • Analysis: CyberPulse analyzed the current and future state, providing recommendations to enhance the security posture.

Security Architecture Review:

  • Evaluation: CyberPulse mapped out the current security architecture and aligned it with industry standards and best practices.
  • Key Areas: Two-factor authentication, WordPress site security, network and password security, and encryption key management.
  • Recommendations: Provided actionable recommendations to strengthen the security architecture.

Security Framework and Compliance Alignment:

  • Maturity Model: Evaluated the current level of maturity against CyberPulse’s proprietary model, based on industry standards like ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, NIST, and ASD Top 4/Essential Eight.
  • Compliance: Defined the desired state maturity model and ensured alignment with PCI-DSS compliance guidelines.

Cloud Security Review:

  • Best Practices: Provided guidelines and best practice recommendations for AWS and Azure.
  • Enhancements: Suggested product sets and architectural changes to enhance security posture for both cloud and on-premises workloads

CyberPulse delivered a complete security framework encompassing risk assessment, security architecture, logging, auditing, monitoring, and alerting. The agency benefited from a precise security maturity assessment, comprehensive recommendations, and flexible project execution to meet tight deadlines.

Client Testimonial: “Cyber Security is an increasingly complex world. CyberPulse provided us with a security maturity assessment with precise messaging for a board-level discussion followed by comprehensive recommendations to achieve the desired security. The team at CyberPulse were extremely flexible to meet our tight deadlines.”

— Managing Director, Leading Digital Marketing Company in Australia

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