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Case Study Overview: CyberPulse Penetration Testing

Client Background

A prominent Australian e-commerce company specialising in health, beauty, and fitness sought CyberPulse’s expertise for a comprehensive external vulnerability and penetration testing assessment. The company, heavily reliant on its web presence for customer engagement and business operations, needed to ensure the security of its websites spread across Australia and the UK. The e-commerce site, frequently featured in leading publications, TV, magazines, newspapers, online sites, events, and radio, required a trusted security provider to address potential vulnerabilities.


The primary objectives of the engagement were to:

Identify security flaws present in the web applications.

Identify vulnerabilities that could allow malicious attackers to gain unauthorised access to the website.

Baseline the level of security risk for the web presence.

Remediate identified web application security flaws.


CyberPulse designed a meticulous assessment strategy for the customer’s websites and applications to evaluate their overall security posture. Using a combination of automated tools, manual testing techniques, and years of expertise, CyberPulse accomplished the assessment goals through the following stages:

Information Gathering

  • CyberPulse collected extensive information about the applications and websites using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Internet footprinting techniques.

Planning & Analysis

  • CyberPulse identified and listed the automated and manual tools required for a comprehensive penetration test. The team documented and mapped attack vectors to meet the project’s key objectives.

Vulnerability Detection

  • The assessment included approximately 80% manual and 20% automated testing. Key areas tested included:
    • Business Logic Testing
    • Error Handling
    • Authentication & Authorisation Testing
    • Input Validation Testing
    • Cryptography
    • Configuration and Deployment Management Testing
    • Session Management Testing
    • Client-Side Testing
    • Identity Management Testing

Attack and Penetration Testing

  • Employing white hat, time-intensive manual testing tactics, CyberPulse emulated potential hacker attacks. Exploitation techniques included SQL injection, command execution, LFI/RFI, lateral movement, privilege escalation, and business logic flaws.

Analysis and Reporting

  • The final phase involved detailed documentation, analysis, and reporting of findings, complete with screenshots and snapshots. CyberPulse not only identified vulnerabilities but also highlighted root causes, ensuring the client could close all security gaps permanently.

CyberPulse delivered a comprehensive penetration testing framework encompassing web applications, iOS and Android apps, internal and external networks, wireless networks, and RED Teaming.

CyberPulse’s thorough assessment and remediation strategies provided the e-commerce company with significant security enhancements. The client was able to secure their web properties effectively, ensuring robust protection against potential cyber threats.

Client Testimonial: “We really value the flexible approach and quick turnaround of the CyberPulse team. They helped in surfacing & remediating our security challenges for our four web properties.”

— Director, Digital Products & Analytics, Leading Australian E-Commerce Company

This case study highlights CyberPulse’s expertise in providing tailored cybersecurity solutions through comprehensive penetration testing. By identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, CyberPulse helps organisations strengthen their security posture and protect their critical assets. Stay informed about the latest cybersecurity threats and trends by visiting our news section.

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