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CyberPulse Expands Partnership with Leading Cloud Security Provider Netskope

CyberPulse, a leader in cybersecurity solutions, is excited to announce the expansion of its partnership with NetSkope, a top-tier cloud security provider. This strategic collaboration aims to bolster the cybersecurity capabilities of organisations by integrating CyberPulse’s advanced threat detection and response solutions with NetSkope’s industry-leading cloud security technologies. The expanded partnership underscores our shared commitment to delivering comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to the needs of modern cloud environments.

Strengthening Cloud Security Posture

As organisations increasingly migrate their data and applications to the cloud, robust security measures become essential. CyberPulse recognises the critical importance of cloud security and has partnered with NetSkope to offer integrated solutions that address the unique challenges of securing cloud environments. By combining CyberPulse’s expertise in threat detection and response with NetSkope’s advanced capabilities, organisations can significantly strengthen their security posture and effectively mitigate cyber risks.

Key Features and Benefits of the Partnership

NetSkope: Cloud Security and Data Protection

NetSkope provides robust cloud security and data protection solutions. Key features include:

  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB): NetSkope’s CASB solution offers visibility and control over cloud application usage, ensuring that sensitive data is protected and compliance requirements are met.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Advanced DLP capabilities monitor and protect data across cloud environments, preventing unauthorised access and exfiltration.
  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE): NetSkope’s SASE architecture combines network and security services, providing secure, high-performance access to cloud applications.
  • Real-Time Threat Protection: NetSkope delivers real-time threat protection by analysing cloud traffic and user activity to detect and respond to potential threats immediately.

Customer Outcomes

The expanded partnership between CyberPulse and NetSkope offers several significant benefits to customers:

Improved Security Posture
By integrating NetSkope’s cloud security solutions with CyberPulse’s threat detection and response capabilities, organisations can enhance their overall security posture. This integrated approach ensures comprehensive protection across all digital assets in cloud environments.

Streamlined Operations
Automation and orchestration capabilities streamline security operations, enabling security teams to respond to threats more efficiently and effectively. This reduces the operational burden and allows teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

Enhanced Visibility and Control
Organisations gain enhanced visibility and control over their cloud environments. Real-time insights into security events enable prompt identification and remediation of threats, ensuring continuous protection.

Cost-Effective Security Solutions
By leveraging existing investments in cloud security platforms and integrating them with CyberPulse’s advanced solutions, organisations can achieve cost-effective cybersecurity without compromising on effectiveness.

Compliance and Regulatory Adherence
The integrated solutions help organisations meet regulatory compliance requirements by providing centralised visibility and control over security events. This ensures that organisations can adhere to data protection regulations and avoid potential legal repercussions.

The expanded partnership between CyberPulse and NetSkope represents a significant advancement in the fight against cyber threats. By combining their expertise and resources, CyberPulse and NetSkope are well-positioned to deliver innovative cybersecurity solutions that empower organisations to protect their data, applications, and infrastructure in the cloud. As organisations continue to embrace cloud technologies, the collaboration between CyberPulse and NetSkope will play a crucial role in ensuring the security and resilience of cloud environments.

This strategic partnership marks a pivotal step in providing organisations with the comprehensive tools and technologies needed to navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity, safeguarding their operations against an ever-evolving array of threats.

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